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Publish Date: 14:41 - 16 September 2017
TEHRAN, September 16 - Iran’s Defense Industry experts announced its readiness to help Myanmar Muslims.

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Issuing a statement in sympathy with the oppressed Muslims of Myanmar, Iran’s Defense Industry experts declared their preparedness for helping them and urged the international communities to prevent the massacre of the Muslims in Myanmar.

The statement reads as follow:

“The painful and brutal massacre of Myanmar Muslims as well as suppression and coercive decamp of tens of thousands of them in some recent days have broken the heart of any free man who is after justice and against oppression in any point of the world. The images depicting horrific and organized slaughtering of defenseless and shelter-less men, women, children, and elderly are indicative of a new huge catastrophe in a seemingly civilized modern age.

Meanwhile no voice of protest is heard of Human Rights advocates and a meaningful silence is ruling on their supposedly free media. The very ones who, the Leader [of Islamic Revolution] says, make hue and cries when a criminal is punish in the country (Iran), show no response to murdering and displacing tens of thousands of Myanmar Muslims.

Over the silence of the states who pass the bucket to the UN and sanctions when making a fuss over trivial things, the silence and passiveness of the international communities and those claimants to Human Rights against these catastrophes is surprising.

As experts of [Iran’s] defense industries, sympathizing with Myanmar Muslims, we announce our readiness to provide the displaced and damaged people with popular and humanitarian aids and urge the international communities to immediately stop the massacre of Muslims of the country; and we believe that the Divine promise of the Poor’s victory in the world will doubtlessly be realized, and that the disgrace and stigma of tyrants’ brutalities practiced on the Myanmar oppressed and poor people will remain on the face of those who have kept deadly silent against this treason, despite all of their claims in defense of peace and Human Rights”.

Numerous Rohingya villages in the north of Rakhine have been torched in recent days. A Reuters reporter in Bangladesh said smoke was rising from at least five places on the Myanmar side of the border on Thursday.

Myanmar’s forces have been attacking Rohingya Muslims and torching their villages in Rakhine since October 2016. The attacks have seen a sharp rise since August 25, following a number of armed attacks on police and military posts in the troubled western state. There have been numerous eyewitness accounts of summary executions, rapes, and arson attacks by the military since the crackdown against the minority group began.

The latest eruption of violence in Rakhine has killed more than 1,000 people, according to the UN.

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