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Publish Date: 14:40 - 03 December 2017
TEHRAN, December 3 - Iranian Foreign Minister says the world is entering a post-West era where global developments takes place neither in nor by the West.

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Mohammad Javad Zarif made the remarks on Sunday in the ‘Dawn of Truth’ Conference in Tehran.

“Leader in his letter asks a question of Why those born and educated in the West behead children in Syria and Iraq and show their barbarism to such an extent, and that what is the West’s answer to such productions,” said Zarif referring to Islamic Revolution Leader’s letter to the Western youth “and this Leader’s question is not for accusation, but for the sake of a solution”.

“He [Leader] indicated in these letters that the whole world are moving on a common ship and with common pain, yet if we can not move toward a different future with a new attitude, then we will face a different and dangerous world” Zarif asserted.

Zarif said that recently, Western countries have accepted that the current period has a special characteristic, which is a shift toward a post-West world order.

This of course, he continued, does not mean that the West is no longer important; rather, it means that for the very first time in the history of international relations, global developments take place neither in nor by the West.

The Iranian FM referred to Communism as a 40-year red danger of the West and said that after Soviet Union collapsed, US sought to replace the red danger with Islamophobia which it referred to as a green danger, a trend which the Leader of Islamic Revolution pointed to in his second letter to the Western youth.

“Today, Islamic terrorism has become a keyword in US president’s speeches, because they like to use this term as a framework to internalize their own leadership,” Zarif noted.

‘Dawn of Truth’ Conference is a summit held on Sunday to mark the anniversary of Ayatollah Khamenei’s second letter to the Western youth in 2015 where Iran’s Leader called on the youth of Europe and North America not to allow the brutality of ISIL to cloud their perception of Islam.

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