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Publish Date: 15:49 - 18 January 2019
TEHRAN, Jan 18 - A senior Chinese official says Beijing needs to focus on withstanding "color revolutions," as part of a broader strategy by President Xi Jinping, who warned that the country must do more to resist "Western" influence.

China's police must guard against color revolution: top official warnsTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Chinese Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi (seen below) told the ministry’s annual national meeting on Thursday that police must “stress the prevention and resistance of ‘color revolutions’ and firmly fight to protect China’s political security.”

He also urged police to “strike back against all kinds of infiltration and subversive activities by hostile foreign forces.”

“(We) must firmly defend our national security, with regime and system security at its core, and firmly defend the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and our nation’s Socialist system,” he added.

China has intensified efforts to counter influence of “Western values” under Xi. The move has put the country at the top of the United States international priorities.

A recently published US official government report went far to name China among what it called as top 26 perceived security threats.

"China is marshaling its diplomatic, economic, and military resources to facilitate its rise as a regional and global power,” said the report entitled "Long-range emerging threats facing the United States.”

The US has stepped up efforts to counter China’s growing influence in the world and has even brushed off Beijing’s constant warnings against expanding ties with Taiwan.

China says Taiwan is historically part of its territory, with no right to formal diplomatic ties of its own with other countries. Almost all countries, including the US, recognize Chinese sovereignty over self-ruled Taiwan. Washington, however, has long courted Taipei in an attempt to counter China.

Sending warship through Taiwan Strait possible: US navy

The US Navy said it has not ruled out sending an aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait.

The chief of US naval operations John Richardson said on Friday that the US does not “really see any kind of limitation on whatever type of ship could pass through those waters.”

“We see the Taiwan Strait as another (stretch of) international waters, so that’s why we do the transits,” he added.

The US has sent ships through the Taiwan Strait three times last year, but has not dispatched a carrier in more than 10 years. China, in the meantime, has modernized its forces with missiles designed to strike enemy ships.

Earlier this month, it scrambled warplanes and vessels to warn off a US guided-missile destroyer that was sailing near the disputed islands in the South China Sea.
China has also reaffirmed that it is not afraid to protect itself when necessary, after acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan said earlier that his top priory was to counter China.

Shanahan said earlier this month that he’s committed to carrying out President Donald Trump’s vision at the Pentagon, which includes protecting Taiwan and the South China Sea from what he called Chinese military aggression.

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