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Publish Date: 1:03 - 28 January 2019
TEHRAN, Jan 27 -A female Iranian neurosurgeon has performed some 500 operations so far and turned into one of the most professional surgeons in her field.

Female Iranian neurosurgeon performs over 500 surgeriesTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Soheila Saami, 28, is a student of Professor Madjid Samii, who is a prominent internationally-recognized neurosurgeon.

Born in 1989, Saami is a graduate of a university in the United Arab Emirates.

She finished her General Medicine program six years ago and currently works as a last-year resident of neurosurgery at Germany’s International Neuroscience Institute under the supervision of Professor Samii.

Fars News Agency has conducted an interview with this young successful lady. Excerpts from the interview follow:

Q: How many surgeries have you performed so far?

A: The number of the surgeries I have performed alone exceeds 500 but I have done more than 3,000 operations as assistant surgeon.

Q: You live outside Iran, but you are wearing an Islamic headscarf in all your photos and surgeries. Why is that?

A: In my opinion, it is up to an individual to choose the kind of her or his clothing. I chose to wear hijab consciously. The way I dress is the same in Iran and Germany.

Q: Isn’t hijab a limitation for you?

A: Hijab has not been a limitation for me as far as performing surgeries are concerned. Of course, I’m not saying that you can do everything while wearing hijab, but, on the other hand, we cannot say one is unable to do social, sports or other activities while wearing hijab.

Q: Are you going to travel to Iran and practice medicine there?

A: I travel to Iran once or twice a year. I’m very interested to practice medicine in Iran, and if the conditions are provided, I will offer services in Iran. And if the situation for permanent presence in Iran is not provided, I will definitely practice medicine in Iran several months a year.

Q: As the last question, what’s your idea about Professor Samii?

A: I believe Professor Samii is a unique person. Everybody can watch videos of Professor Samii at the age of 80 on social media and read the comments of prominent neurosurgeons about him. He has also written many books and articles all of which attest to the fact that Professor Samii is the best.

Professor Samii was chosen as the founding president of Madjid Samii Congress of International Neurosurgeons (MASCIN) in 2003. He was also picked as the best surgeon of the year in 2018. All these bear testimonies to the fact that he is a distinguished and superb surgeon.


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