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Publish Date: 12:53 - 26 April 2014
Tehran, YJC. Larijani says the US has lost its former global status.

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani who was speaking in a conference in Tabas on the occasion of the anniversary of the Eagle Claw operation said "Today the US has kind of etiolated. It has no more the previous status it used to have.”

"In the case of the Tabas accident a flusteredness can be discerned about American officials. The important point is that the Tabas accident was a great shock to the world’s arrogance current, after which they were not able to regain their senses until the disintegration of the Soviet Union,” Larijani said.

The parliament Speaker further said "One of the incidents in which one could see the Devine will was the Tabas accident. God’s will was so that circumstances would be disturbed; whose result was failure for the world’s wrong current, so much so that even the memoirs of US officials convey their despair and even tearfulness.”

"Today the US is so bold to seek adventure in Iran’s nuclear case,” he said, adding "Americans cannot come to terms with the fact that the Iran which used to be one of their moons is now an independent country.”

"Today every once in a while Americans frown, but there is no one to listen. This shows that in terms of position and prestige, the US is suffering etiolation while it tries with pomp to preserve itself. Recent regional developments shows the pallor,” Larijani stated.

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