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Publish Date: 15:55 - 11 May 2014
Tehran, YJC. Rear Admiral says the IRGC is working to build boats that go 80 knots.

The IRGC has set it as a goal to build boats that are capable of moving 80 knots. This would be some sort of miracle for a boat to move 41 meters per second with all its military equipment on board.

"We are looking for 80 knots for our go-fast water craft. Those who are familiar with the technical basics of it know that this is a mad number. It is more difficult than anything in the world for you to move faster than 80 knots,” said Rear Admiral Fadavi, commander of the IRGC naval forces.

The IRGC is seeking to turn into a new super power in the sea while names such as the US, Russia, China, North Korea and a number of other countries used to be rivals so far.

Iran which has been making its way through military water craft technology with boats such as Ashoora, Zolfaqar, Ya Mahdi, and Seraj is now seeking top go-fast boats.

It has not been idle in the meantime as to what sort of equipment to install on the water craft, trying its hand in torpedoes, rockets, missiles, and the like that can be launched from the water craft.

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