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Publish Date: 8:25 - 26 May 2014
Tehran, YJC. The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools is going to launch a community of Sunni and Shiite Sayyids.

Director General of the World Forum for the Proximity of Islamic Schools met with grand ayatollah Vahid KHorasani on Saturday.

Ayatollah Araki, presenting a brief account of the forum’s activities said "Our policy at proximity is to focus on things that can be done in cooperation with the Sunni. For example, celebrating the birthday of the Great Prophet and that of his daughter are among such programs, since the Sunni, unlike extremists, do not see such celebrations as heresy.”

He also pointed to satellite programs which insult the sanctities of some Islamic sects and said "We have to hold joint anti-Takfiri religious ceremonies with the Shiite and Sunni. Some international channels try to set discord, hatred, and animosity between the Shiite and Sunni. They seem to have no goal but to abuse the caliphs and do sacrilege to the sanctities of some Islamic sects.”

Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani in turn stated "Islam is the faith for kindness and the prophet of Islam is the messenger of love. Such a religion, such manners as those of the Prophet and Ali ibn Abi Taleb do not allow any room for the actions of the Takfiri and such extremists. Religiosity has gone out of such currents. Disrespect and open cursing is not allowed. The imams themselves forbade that.”


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