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Publish Date: 11:07 - 04 August 2019
TEHRAN, Jul 7 - The green brigade of climate activists and canny corporations are constantly pushing products and ideas that are seen as kinder to our planet. However many of these are far less eco-friendly than we’re being led to believe.

Not so green after all: Five ‘eco-friendly’ products that actually harm the environmentTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) -The latest example came just this week when a study published in Environmental Research Letters found that the shared electric scooters so-beloved of hipsters in cities around the world actually produce more greenhouse gas emissions per mile than travelling by bus, bicycle and even moped.

The researchers found that the materials it took to manufacture the battery, wheels and frame of the scooter and the companies’ collecting, charging and redistributing the scooters each day had a significant impact when it came to greenhouse gas emissions.

“E-scooter companies tout themselves as having little or no carbon footprint, which is a bold statement,” Jeremiah Johnson, the corresponding author of the study, said.

“Biking – even with an electric bike – is almost always more environmentally friendly than using a shared e-scooter,” he added.

But it’s not just e-scooters that have hoodwinked the environmentally gullible. Here’s some other eco-favorites that don’t deliver on their green promise.

Reusable aluminium and stainless steel water bottles

What better way to signal your environmental virtue than by carrying around a reusable bottle all day. The canteens have become ubiquitous in recent times as the hot new eco fad. 

However the production of the bottles comes with many unfortunate consequences. Aluminium is extracted from bauxite ore, which is strip-mined and incredibly destructive to the environment, leaving toxic “tailings.” It also requires massive amounts of energy to refine.

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