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Publish Date: 12:56 - 31 August 2019
Secretary-general of al-Nujaba in a TV talk:
TEHRAN, August 31 -Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, revealing the fact that Israeli elements enter Iraq using American passport, and pointing to the full observation of Israelis' movements in the US Embassy and bases, warned that we have the power to confront the Zionist Regime.

Israeli elements enter Iraq using American passports/ we are capable of confronting the Zionist RegimeTEHRAN,Young Journalists Club(YJC) -According to the report of ..., the secretary-general of al-Nujaba, talking to Dijlah TV Channel, pointed to the recent attacks on the IPMF's bases and stated, "These attacks are chiefly aimed at the debilitation of Iraq, and in case such attacks are carried out again, we will certainly respond to them, and we have considered some different methods in this regard."

Saying that the session of commanders of the Resistance with the triple heads of Iraq was related with the movements of foreign military forces inside Iraq, Hujjat al-Islam Akram al-Kaabi maintained, "Following the Irada an-Nasr operations, supervised directly by the prime minister, the prime minister found that a foreign force is attrmpting to revive the ISIS group."

Then, pointing to the martyrdom of the top-rank commander of Kataib Hezbollah during the drone attack on al-Qaim region, he reiterated, "Martyr Abu Ali ad-Dabi was not targeted on the Syrian border, yet, he was made martyr in al-Qaim city inside Iraq."

-The offstage of the air attacks against the IPMF'S bases
The top-rank commander of the Iraqi Resistance, concerning the attacks on the IPMF's bases, explicated, "With regard to our accurate information, all bombings were carried out using drones and following the bilateral agreement between the US and the Zionist Regime."

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi added, "If we look more critically, we see that the said attacks were simultaneous with the start of cleansing operations of Baghdad security belt, Wadi Hauran and al-Anbar Desert of the remnants of the ISIS group."

Pointing to the shooting of a foreign drone near the IPMF's ۱۲th Brigade Headquarters, he further noted, "The ۱۲th Brigade was founded by al-Nujaba, yet, it is now under the command of the IPMF and this organisation reported the news on the fall of the drone in Baghdad Security Belt."

-Irag is obliged to follow Ayatollah Haeri's fatwa annoncing the presence of US forces in Iraq illicit
Al-Nujaba's secretary-general, saying that the fatwa issued by Ayatollah Haeri annoncing the presence of the US forces in Iraq religiously illicit is binding, stressed, "The fatwa of this grand source of emulation must be observed both by his followers and other people."

Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi continued, "All iraqi politicians are supposed to observe the fatwa of Ayatollah Haeri and in case it doesn't come to effect, the said group haven't performed their responsibility."

-Israeli elements enter Iraq using American passport
In another part of the talk, saying that our position towards the confrontation with American and Zionist occupiers have not changed, he emphasized, "We are closely observing the presence of the Zionists in the US Embassy and bases and I announce that Israelis enter Iraq using American passport."
-Readiness for confrontation with the Zionist Regime.

The top official of the Iraqi Resistance added, "We have the videos/pictures of ۴۰۰۰ operations against the US, therefore, we have the power to confront the Zionist Regime."
Saying that the US abuses the critical conditions of Iraq, he stressed, "Under different labels, such as intelligence elements, marine corps and etc., Americans are present in Iraq, and even Trump is unaware of the number of the US forces in Iraq."

-Washington's anti-Iran plan in Iraq and the position of Baghdad
Referring to the anti-Iran plan of the US for the central government of Iraq, he said, "Americans want Iraq to follow their policies, however, they ought to know that the theory of an Iraq following the wants of the US is never fulfillable."

The secretary-general of al-Nujaba stressed, "Once all abstained from helping Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran opened its doors onto Iraq."

In response to the presenter asking 'Who is the source of emulation of al-Nujaba?', he said, "We openly announce that this Movement follows the path of two Sadr Martyrs who used to follow Ayatollah Khamenei and we never hide this fact."

hen, dealing with the presence of al-Nujaba in Syria, he expressed, "We knew the attacks and plots carried out against Syria would be repeated in Iraq, and thus, we dispatched our forces to Syria in accordance with the human conscience and religious obligation."
Saying that the presence of al-Nujaba's forces in Syria is not a violation of the Iraqi Constitution, he pointed out, "We have started our exit of Syria since three months ago, as the Syrian army has become once again strong."

The top-rank official of the Iraqi Resistance, describing the insertion of al-Nujaba into the terrorists list of the US a 'medal of honour', maintained that what the US has done is of no impact on the activities of this Movement inside Iraq."

Concerning the said issue, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi stated, "Following the eradication of the ISIS, we raised the slogan of 'From the Lesser to the Greater Jihad', and it refers to the conduction of cultural and social activities for fostering links with Iraqi people; but if we decide to enter into the field of policy, the US can't stop us."

In the final part of the talk, he pointed to recent rumours concerning the position of the Iraqi army and said, "Prior to the formation of the IPMF, al-Nujaba has defended the security belt of Baghdad, moreover, at that time we announced that we are not to take the place of the army in Iraq."
Describing the Iraqi army as the identity of Iraq, the secretary-general of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance maintained, "Indeed, the Americans debilitated the Iraqi army.


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