Iranians holding Ashura mourning for Imam Hussein

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Publish Date: 12:27 - 10 September 2019
TEHRAN, Sept 10 - From all walks of life Iranian people are observing Ashura mourning, the tenth day of Muharram and anniversary of martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Iranians holding Ashura mourning for Imam HusseinTEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Dressing in black, Iranian Shia Muslims, and even non-Muslims, mourn on Tuesday in remembrance of the Chief of Martyrs Imam Hussein (AS), the Grandson of the Hole Prophet of Islam Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny).

Back in 680 AD, Imam Hussein (AS) was martyred along with his 72 companions in the Battle of Karbala, south of Iraq, after fighting courageously for justice against the much larger army of the then-time tyrant Umayyad caliph, Yazid I, an army which some historians estimate to have been 30,000 strong.

Lovers of Imam Hussein in nearly all of Iran’s cities such as Tehran,Tabriz, Zanjan, Isfahan, Bushehr, etc., hold mourning processions in mosque, Husseiniyahs, and streets for the martyrdom of the third Shia Imam Hussein (AS) during Muharram  particularly its first ten-day which leads to Ta'sua (the 9th day) and A'shura (the 10th day).

Citing elegies and rhythmical beating of the chest are of common forms of mourning among the people.

In Ashura Day also people and benefactors distribute votive food, known generically as Nazri.

Ashura mourning is not confined behinds Iran’s borders; Shia Muslims and lovers of Imam Hussein (AS) hold mourning ceremonies across the world, meanwhile hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from Iran and other countries head to the holy Iraqi city of Karbala and Imam Hussein (AS)’s holy shrine to mark Ashura.

The Muharram ceremonies symbolize the eternal and resolute stance of truth against falsehood, and humanity’s struggle against injustice, tyranny and oppression, the cause for which Imam Hussein (AS) was martyred.

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