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Publish Date: 10:13 - 21 June 2014
Tehran, YJC. Seddiqi has said that the West intends to keep Middle Eastern states busy to themselves by schemes such as the ISIS movement.

Tehran Friday preacher Kazem Seddiqi delivering his sermon on Friday asserted "It was the UK and US job from the first day to create disagreement. This will get back on them soon.”

He said "The Western states created Wahhabism, al-Qaeda, and Taliban. Every day they introduce another branch of this malicious tree and they keep broadening the range of their crimes.”

Seddiqi further stated "Their plan is to keep us busy to ourselves while the threat of Israel is a global one. Israel with its atomic bombs is a madman who does know no borders.”

"Selling guns is another scheme by Western states against the region,” he stated, adding "The largest amount of guns in the region is bought by these very regional countries and Saudi Arabia. The point is that these weapons are not meant to be used against Israel but against Muslims.”

The Friday preacher further pointed out "The case of Daesh belongs to the US. The US itself has equipped them through regional governments, but the elections in Iraq and Nuri al-Maliki’s victory hastened the scheme. They intend to challenge the Islamic world with the Takfiri current.”

He warned "I say out loud that neither the United Arab Emirates, nor Kuwait, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, or Turkey will be safe from this fire. The scheme will boomerang on them and they will fall into the same pit they have dug for us.”

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