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Publish Date: 13:34 - 01 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. IRGC official says current developments in Iraq are only a scheme by the US to dissect Iraq.

Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Asoudi, Deputy Commander of Cultural and Propaganda of the Supreme Leader’s Agency in the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, speaking to Tasnim news agency in Arak pointed to recent developments in Iraq and stated "This small group are appointed by the arrogant. Most of the pictures posted by these people on cyberspace are propaganda aimed at creating an atmosphere of panic. One has to avoid limiting oneself to such things, taking these pictures as a criteria by which to evaluate the group.”

"The real plan of the US and the states that support terrorism in Iraq is to disintegrate the country. ISIS is the military arm of the US and Europe to divide Iraq. But as the people follow the religious reference this ominous group will be annihilated with the help of God and it will be dumped in history,” he stated.

Asoudi added "This murderous group acts within America’s strategic plans. This is the US that leads such actions. The violent terror acts of the ISIS are carried out against the Iraqi people with the green light from the US and meanwhile international circles, those which outwardly care about human rights, would always adopt double standards against such incidents and they have not made any proper move so far.”

He further stated "Alertness by the religious reference especially ayatollah Sistani and the fact that Sunni leaders denounced the terrorist group left the enemy disappointed in trying to set disagreement among sects.”

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