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Publish Date: 13:58 - 02 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. Iran’s Head of Human Rights Staff says European countries are lodging many terrorists, including PJAK members.

In meeting with a Belgian Foreign Ministry official on Tuesday, Javad Larijani stated "Our general policy says that the issue of human rights will progress through talks, talks with no precondition and completely symmetrical. And it is through such talks that the West would have the chance to appreciate our great political and civil experience.”

"We may reject some of the Western experiences and lifestyle, but we look at them with respect,” pointed out Head of the Human Rights Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding "We will not have it that human rights documents and its developments should be solely based on the secular-liberal mentality of the West. On the contrary, we believe that civil experiences of all countries and cultures, seen as human assets, have to be considered in that regard; and the West should abstain from imposing its values and experiences on other cultures and countries.”

In response to inquiry made into why Iran has not welcomed Ahmed Shaheed as the Special UN Rapporteur he said "We hold no grudges against reporting itself. We rather support unbiased reporting, but with the UPR [Universal Periodic Review] out there through which the human rights statuses of all countries were to be inspected in the same manner, we consider appointing a special rapporteur for Iran as biased and unjustified.”

"Besides that, the first report assigned was not professional, neither was his working method defined within the framework defined for UN functioning agents. Secondly, within the first days appeared on different media and started a campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Third, he stirs up a vibe against Iran, announcing that there are facilities in EU countries for anyone who would like to report against Iran. Fourth, he supports well-known terrorists whose hands are red with the blood of the Iranian nation. Fifth, he is disrespectful toward Islam and our religious culture,” Larijani stated.

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