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Publish Date: 13:35 - 07 July 2014
Tehran, YJC. IRGC official says Islam is going to win over enemies because the enemy has resorted to its last choice, ethnic clash, as he calls it.

Speaking to a number of clerics in Kurdistan on Sunday, Iran’s Basij Commander stated "After it got Islam’s slap in the face in the royal guise, and being forced to flee the country in a wretched state, the US hid behind the veil of factionalism, trying this time to ground the magnificent Islamic movement under another name.”

Mohamamd Reza Naqdi added "One day it attacked us under the name of a democrat, another with a communist title, yet again under the rubric of nationalism it set to fight Islam. Another day it attempted to fight Islam with a socialist disguise and with the common Baa’th. But it was beaten every time, until it set directly to fight Muslims in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan.”

"The US has resorted to the extremist today, adopting Islam with the flag of Islam, which is its last shot. But this time also it will suffer defeat, thanks to the cautiousness of Muslims,” he stated.

He added "In the light of the insurrection of the great imam Khomeini and the guidance of imam Khamenei, Muslims have woken up. They are no more the impotent, dumb and deaf nation of the 20th century. The valorous resistance of people in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and today Iraq is the best proof for that.”

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