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Publish Date: 15:50 - 05 September 2020
Saturday, 05 September 2020_The UAE and Israel, having had clandestine dealings with one another for many years, have decided to make their relationship public under the guise of “normalization” of ties. Though the mainstream media outlets have waxed poetic regarding the new travel and tourism opportunities inherent in the “new ties” and Israelis are finding it hard to hide their excitement while luxuriating in Dubai's posh hotels and mega-malls, little is said of the real deal between the two former foes.

UAE “normalization” of ties with the Israel regime: Hidden agendaLucrative arms and cybersecurity contracts as well as greater access to Israeli weapons and repression technologies, to which the UAE had very restricted access, have undoubtedly been a major incentive for the deal.

Elijah Magnier, Journalist and Political Analyst contends: "The UAE has been dealing with Israel for more than 15 years and this is not new. We can see that the Israelis have been selling weapons, drones, reconnaissance planes; they've been upgrading the F-16 services; they've been selling cybersecurity, hacking technology etc." 

Despite having been forced to operate under the radar, the two sides had managed to arrange many deals, especially in the surveillance and intelligence areas.

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