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Publish Date: 9:16 - 21 September 2020
Monday, 21 September 2020 _In a move opposed even by its allies, the United States has illegally tried to force the UN to re-impose sanctions on Iran. The United Nations Security Council has rejected Washington's claim that it still can use mechanisms provided in the Iran nuclear deal after withdrawing from the accord in 2018.

US illegally ‘snaps back’ illegal sanctions on IranThe United States’ attempt to illegally force the United Nations to restore already-lifted sanctions on Iran has caused international disbelief and condemnation.

Despite withdrawing in 2018 from the JCPOA agreement on Iran’s nuclear energy program, Washington has unilaterally declared they have the right to force the UN to “snap back” anti-Iran sanctions and essentially invalidate the treaty for all signatories. The UN has declared the move invalid, because the US is no longer a JCPOA participant.

The other signatories to the JCPOA – China, the European Union, Russia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom – have unanimously and emphatically rejected Washington’s ploy to essentially fabricate legal chaos. 

Many are starting to finally accept that sanctions are indeed an act of war, but it's often forgotten that they are also used by the West as a preparation for war, in places like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. 

The maneuver causes a major loss of credibility to not only the United States, but it also undermines the integrity of the United Nations and the United Nations Security Council. Many analysts fail to ask the most obvious question: Why is Washington risking so much, and via a desperate gambit which is certain to fail, over Iran?

Many analysts believe Washington’s manipulation is designed to provoke a military conflict, which could be initiated by the US falsely citing some alleged violation of imaginary UN sanctions which no other country nor the UN recognizes to be in place.

Others believe the anti-Iran hardline faction in Washington is trying to inflict as much pain as possible on over 80 million Iranians in case Donald Trump loses his re-election bid. His opponent, Joe Biden, has said he would try to rejoin the JCPOA treaty. 

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