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Publish Date: 7:59 - 23 September 2020
Wednesday, 23 September 2020 _Russian President Vladimir Putin says the US and its allies have not replied to a proposal by Moscow to declare a moratorium on deploying missiles in Europe.

Putin: No reply from US, allies on moratorium on missiles deployment in EuropePutin made the remarks in a video speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, saying the extension of the Russia-US strategic arms reduction treaty, which is due to expire in February, is of “primary importance,” and that Moscow and Washington are currently engaged in negotiations on the issue.

The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty accord is the last major nuclear arms control treaty between Moscow and Washington that puts a limit on the number of strategic nuclear warheads each of the countries can have.

The US and Russia signed the accord in 2010 and agreed to reduce the number of strategic nuclear missiles by half and restrict the number of deployed strategic nuclear warheads to 1,550.

"The issue of primary importance that should and must be promptly dealt with is, of course, the extension of the Russia-US Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty that will expire in February 2021, which is very soon,” the Russian president told the UN General Assembly.

“We are engaged in negotiations with our US partners on the matter. We also expect that mutual restraint would be exercised with regard to deploying new missile systems,” Putin added.

“As early as last year, Russia declared a moratorium on deploying ground-launched medium and short-range missiles in Europe and other regions as long as the United States of America refrained from such actions,” the Russian leader stressed. “Unfortunately, we have not received any reaction to our proposal from either our US partners or their allies."

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