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Publish Date: 16:20 - 23 September 2020
Wednesday, 23 September 2020 (YJC)_ photos captured by a British photographer have revealed extraordinary scenes during the UK lockdown.

Chris Gorman's drone photos have revealed extraordinary scenes during the UK lockdown, with many of his images used in the media.

With 25 years photographic experience, Gorman captured the scale of the unfolding coronavirus story, with a number of his photos being used in national newspapers and international publications.
lockdown through drone photography
"In the days leading up to the full lockdown, every day provided a new and unique picture, from panic-buying to empty retail parks and shopping malls and unsold cars stacked up on runways," says Gorman.
"My first image was the near-empty Bluewater car park taken on 16 March (below). This was the day that Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the Commons that 'all unnecessary social contact should cease'.
lockdown through drone photography
"I knew an aerial image of one of the UK's largest shopping malls would give an immediate picture of the effect on the economy in general."
Gorman's image of Bluewater appeared in the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph.
His image of a deserted Leeds Castle in Kent at sunset was taken on the same day (below).
lockdown through drone photography
"The next potential image that came to my attention was the panic-buying.
"Social media had started to become awash with various images of huge lines at supermarkets very early in the morning.
lockdown through drone photography
"A tip from the London Evening Standard told me that Tesco in New Malden had huge lines.
"I arrived on site at 5.45am (the store opened at 6am) and to my astonishment the queue was halfway round the car park with people pouring in and literally running to get into the queue.
lockdown through drone photography"This image appeared in The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mirror.
"When Boris Johnson officially announced full lockdown on 23 March, my first thought was to photograph the empty retail parks of south London.
"This was closely followed on 26 March by an image of a deserted Stonehenge.
lockdown through drone photography
lockdown through drone photography
lockdown through drone photography
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