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Publish Date: 8:15 - 26 September 2020
Saturday, 26 September 2020_Hossein Dehqan, who is a former defense minister and current advisor to the Supreme Leader of Iran, has spoken out to warn the United States that if it acts against Iran, it will receive a decisive response and that the Americans should not twist the lion's tail.

Iran not buckling under to Trump's madman theory threatsMr. Dehqan said that Trump is "an anarchist. He's ready to wreak havoc on his own society. And he's an anarchist in every sense of the word." Well, I often agree with people in Tehran about these things, but in this case, I have to differ with Mr. Hossein Dehqan, because calling Donald Trump an anarchist is an insult to anarchists. Anarchism is an honorable political philosophy that does include a minority of crazy bomb throwers and idiots like Trump, but the theoreticians of anarchism, people like Leo Tolstoy and Mikhail Bakunin and so on, are actually quite respectable. And many would argue that they won their debates with the communists back in the 19th century.

So don't call Trump an anarchist. Call him a madman, because that's what he is. He is psychologically unhinged, and thousands of mental health professionals have gone on record making that point. So Trump is pushing the madman theory of power way past its limits. President Nixon created the madman theory of American power. He and Henry Kissinger hatched a scheme to convince the North Vietnamese that Nixon was a madman and he might drop nuclear weapons on them, so they should surrender.

Well, we all know how well that worked. Nixon tried to play the madman and he was fairly convincing in certain respects. But Trump is more like a method actor who just completely gets into his role, so much that I don't think he knows the difference between his madman role and any other role he might play in life. The guy really is over the top. He's an extreme narcissist, completely deficient in reality testing, doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. So you can't really call him a liar. Most other American politicians are worse liars than Trump. Because Trump is so crazy, he can't tell the difference, and in fact he blurts out the truth far more often than most American politicians do. 

So Trump is a lunatic and his speech to the United Nations that Mr. Dehqan was referring to or responding to is a perfect demonstration of Trump's absolute lunacy.

In that speech, Trump rambled on, screaming about the “evil Chinese” who were responsible for COVID. And he bragged in an extremely megalomaniacal fashion that the United States is doing the most, the biggest and best mobilization since the Second World War, and we're producing all these ventilators (which of course are killing people). And we will distribute a vaccine and defeat the virus and so on. He's making it sound like the United States is heroically succeeding against COVID, when in fact it's the biggest disaster in the entire world, thanks to Trump.

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