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Publish Date: 11:05 - 26 September 2020
Saturday, 26 September 2020 (YJC)_ In his remarks on the occasion of Sacred Defense Week the Iranian Government Spokesman compares the President of the USA and Saddam.

Iranian Government Spokesman: Trump is more violent and brutal than SaddamIn his remarks on Saturday and on the occasion of Sacred Defense Week, Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei said, Trump is more violent and brutal than Saddam, endangering the lives, health and livelihoods of Iranians.

He moreover added “on the contrary to the usual belief of some political Elites, Trump is by far more violent than Saddam, He truly has this feature and endangers the lives and the Health of Iranians”

If Saddam wanted to seize Khuzestan and Khorramshahr, and even in his own words, at least Arvand Rud from Iranians, today Trump is targeting the defeat of the national identity of Iranian society by fragmenting and downsizing Iran, he added

In those days, Saddam's regime tore up the 1975 Algiers Agreement in front of the cameras, and today, with the same thinking, the Trump regime did the same with JCPOA, Rabiei continued.

He highlighted that in those days, the Saddam's regime threatened to destroy Iranian cities and villages, and today the Trump regime threatens to destroy Iranian cultural and civilizational centers.

In those days, Saddam bombarded Iranian people with rockets and bombs, and today, Trump has targeted the health, lives, and livelihood of Iranian people by economic sanctions, he said.

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