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Publish Date: 20:37 - 13 October 2020
Tuesday, 13 October 2020_Iran has called on the international community to press Saudi Arabia to immediately implement the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in full.

World must press Saudi to implement IAEA Safeguards: Iran's envoyHeidar Ali Balouji, Iran’s permanent envoy to the United Nations General Assembly First Committee (also known as the Disarmament and International Security Committee), said Riyadh’s failure to implement the IAEA safeguards regime comes as the Arab country’s ambitious program allows it to hide some of its nuclear activities and not be inspected by the IAEA.

“Concerns about Saudi Arabia’s leaked nuclear activities and identification of its nuclear sites hidden in desert require international collective efforts, so much so that Saudi Arabia be held accountable for the consequences of its behaviors,” he added.

Balouji said a “steady” rather than “selective” implementation of the Safeguards will serve the international community in the long run.”

“The international community must ask Riyadh to immediately implement the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreements in full.”

He said a cessation of international nuclear assistance for Saudis would be the only way to allay these concerns.

“This lack of transparency in Saudi Arabia’s activities definitely violates the entire Safeguards regime,” he added.

Saudi Arabia’s clandestine nuclear program, which had been revealed by whistle-blowers, was recently confirmed by satellite images showing a large compound, in a suspicious location in the middle of the desert, a checkpoint, towering security fences, a big building about 150 feet on a side and pools for the collection of uranium waste; a typical blueprint for yellow-cake mills.

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