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Publish Date: 7:51 - 16 October 2020
Friday, 16 October 2020_In France, a nationwide protest has taken place in the public health sector. The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is hitting hard on the hospital sector and workers are claiming more jobs and more means.

French health sector workers rally against budget cutThe pressure is rising in the hospital sector in France. Protesters demand more means, more beds, more jobs for the public health sector in a nationwide protest of hospital workers against budget cuts and increased work pressure.

Now that the second wave of the coronavirus is hitting France hard, the situation in the French hospitals has not improved. Hospital workers say the French government is destroying the public hospitals in favor of private ones.

Every day more COVID patients are arriving in hospitals. For the first time since May, more than 100 persons died in one day, victims of the virus and more than 20,000 persons were tested positive on Wednesday. That's more than 10 percent of all tested persons. Over the red line. The pressure on hospital workers becomes unbearable.

French officials admit that the situation in the hospitals is worse than during spring. But hospital personnel are still waiting for concrete measures to improve the situation.

French President Emanuel Macron has decided to impose a curfew in the main big cities in France. But it will take weeks to ensure that this measure will effectively reduce the pressure on the hospital sector. 

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