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Publish Date: 14:19 - 21 December 2020
Chairman of the Political Council of al-Nujaba:
Monday, 21 December 2020 _Hujjat al-Islam al-Asadi stressed the sabotage of the United States and its allies in the process of investigating the assassination of the late Islamic Resistance Front commanders and criticized the Iraqi government’s inaction in this regard.

The Iraqi government is not serious in prosecuting the killers of Haj Qasem and Abu Mahdi | US embassy in collusion with mercenary politiciansAccording to the ...‎, Hujjat al-Islam Ali al-Asadi, the head of the Political Council of al-Nujaba, praised the martyrs Major General Qasem Soleymani and Abu Mahdi ‎al-Muhandis and called Iraq’s liberation from Daesh “one of the greatest services of the two late commanders” in an exclusive interview with the Lebanese news website IslamTimes.

Hujjat al-Islam al-Asadi also criticized the delay and inaction of the Iraqi government in this regard, referring to the sabotage of the United States and its allies in the process of investigating the assassination of Major General Soleymani and Abu Mahdi‎ al-Muhandis.

He also blamed foreign intervention in Iraq for failing to meet the legitimate demands of the Iraqi people.

The full text of this conversation is as follows:


What are the victories and blessings of Martyr Soleymani and Abu Mahdi‎ al-Muhandis for the Iraqi people, including Shi’ahs, Sunnis and Kurds?

The achievements of the martyrs Soleymani and Abu Mahdi are many and not all of them can be counted. It is enough to just tell Iraq to get rid of Daesh because by doing so, they protected all the Iraqi people, including the Shi’ahs, Sunnis and Christians, from harm and if they do the same good deed before God, it is enough that God may grant them heaven.


 The Iraqi people have demanded the expulsion of American troops. Why has this request not been implemented so far despite the passage of the law in the Iraqi parliament? What are the obstacles to implementing this demand and what groups are interfering in the Baghdad-Washington talks?

Firstly, this demand was not met due to the intervention of the embassy of the United States and mercenary politicians seeking to postpone the withdrawal of the occupying forces. Secondly, some neighbouring countries that do not want American troops to leave Iraq and their representatives in Iraq who follow their American chief are another obstacle to the implementation of this resolution.


What is the plan of the Popular Mobilization Forces and other political-jihadi currents to implement the Iraqi parliament’s resolution regarding the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq?

Political parties are pushing for the implementation of the parliamentary resolution. Islamic Resistance movements have also given the government a deadline for what they want to be negotiated. If that does not happen, Americans will rediscover the power of the Islamic Resistance they have experienced in the past.


What is the status of the Iraqi side’s investigation into the martyrdom of the commanders of the Islamic Resistance, given that the criminal assassination took place in Baghdad?

In fact, the investigation into the case of these two martyrs by Iraq is in a state of ambiguity, and there is no reason to prove that the Iraqi government is serious in this case. We know that the United States is behind this ambiguity and is pressuring the government to delay the investigation.


The Security and Defence Committee of the Council of Representatives of Iraq recently announced that the results of the investigation into the assassination of the Islamic Resistance commanders will be reviewed in parliament. Where has this follow-up led?

There are honourable and patriotic representatives in the parliament who we hope will reopen this case, which has been delayed.

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