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Publish Date: 11:14 - 02 March 2021
Tuesday, 02 March 2021 (YJC)_ The former head of Strategic Command, General Sir Richard Barrons, has made an astonishing admission about the UK’s lack of resilience in the face of a hybrid attack by a determined and capable foe.

Former head of Strategic Command: UK will collapse after two weeks of missile strikesSpeaking to the Grey Zone – a podcast produced by Sky News journalists – General Barrons admitted the UK is weaker than some of its main state adversaries in hybrid warfare, which involves a combination of conventional missile strikes, cyber and social media offensives.

General Barrons said the use of “long-range precision conventional high explosive missiles targeted at critical national infrastructure” combined with cyber attacks on the same targets and “amplified through social media to cause mass concern amongst the civil population” could quickly break the UK’s will.

He went on to claim that just two weeks of missile and cyber attacks combined with “social media messaging saying it [the attacks] will get worse” could “deplete” the UK’s will to resist.

General Barrons was speaking to the eighth episode of the Grey Zone entitled: “When the Grey Zone Becomes a War Zone”.

UK Strategic Command – formerly known as Joint Forces Command – is effectively the strategic brain of the British armed forces and to that end it is at the forefront of overseeing the development of new military technologies in the cyber and space domains.

General Barrons’ successor as head of Strategic Command, General Sir Patrick Sanders, claimed last September that the UK has developed cyber weapons to “degrade, disrupt and even destroy” the critical national infrastructure and capabilities of nation-states opposed to British foreign policy. 

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