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Publish Date: 11:35 - 20 March 2021
Saturday, 20 March 2021_Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon is fighting for her political life. An inquiry into her handling of the sexual harassment charges brought against her predecessor Alex Salmond is underway.

Scotland's First Minister fights for her political lifeSalmond and Sturgeon have both given evidence, but a leaked draft report has revealed committee members have voted five to four that Sturgeon gave them an inaccurate account of what happened. However she says she stands by every word.

If that inquiry also finds against her, she is not legally compelled to resign, but she’ll be under a lot of pressure to do so. A recent poll shows her party have a 22-point lead so she may well remain first minister after the May elections.

What’s certain is Sturgeon isn't going down without a fight. In the evidence she gave earlier this month she defended her position, accused Salmond of inappropriate behaviour, and apologized directly to the two women that were let down by the government investigation.

Alex Salmond was cleared of all charges and compensated for his legal fees but now Sturgeon is on the ropes. Many are questioning why a new policy on sexual harassment, inspired by the MeToo movement, could be used to bring down the first minister; a woman herself and one of the most successful politicians of a generation. Analysts say one reason might be that she is also the figurehead of Scotland’s independence campaigners.

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