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Publish Date: 15:07 - 22 September 2014
Tehran, YJC. Jazayeri says diplomatic moves between Iranian and US diplomats are the subject of much sensitivity.

Deputy Commander of the General Staff of Armed Forces Masoud Jazayeri who was speaking on the occasion of Iran’s 34th anniversary of the Sacred Defense Week, marking Iraq’s attack on Iran on September 22, 1980, said that any relations with the US will be seen with pessimism and utter sensitivity.

The US started the war on us at a time when it had failed to do anything through economical and political sanctions, coup, or anti-revolutionary groups.

Had Iran failed in the military combat of eight years then, there would have been no trace of territorial integrity, freedom, or independence today, he asserted.

He added "The US officials’ enmity with the Islamic Republic of Iran has grown intrinsic to this Zionist regime. The regime’s arrogance, extremism, and war-mongering morale will not alter but through radical changes in their foundations.”

Jazayeri stated "The US will not be satisfied with less than the annihilation or radical changes in the policies of the Islamic revolution. The only way to fight back the American schemes is to boost domestic integrity and to reach the peaks of advancement in various cultural, political, military, economic, diplomatic, scientific, and technological fields.”

As long as the revolutionary, anti arrogance morale is alive in the hearts of the Iranian nation, the US, the great satan, will continue its acts of enmity. That is why our people will follow relations with the US with pessimism and sensitivity.

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