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Publish Date: 12:56 - 16 April 2021
Friday, 16 April 2021_Islamophobia is an increasing threat for Muslims living in Europe at the moment but the main focus of the hate is currently focused on the Islamic niqab. Yet, despite the risks, many women including reverts to Islam continue to cover. What inspires their desire to remain modest?

After Europe’s niqabi persecution what comes next?For European Muslim women, wearing a niqab is no easy decision.

With Islamophobic hate at epidemic levels and face covering bans coming into force, choosing to cover up can land women with hefty fines, abuse or physical harm.

Critics claim the niqab holds women back, but renowned author Na’ima B Robert rebuked these claims.

It’s true that not all Muslims believe in wearing a niqab; however the niqabis warn that once Europe has finished with them, the hijab and other Islamic principles will be the new target. 

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