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Publish Date: 23:08 - 18 September 2021
Saturday, 18 September 2021 (YJC)_ It's not only the French who are furious over recent submarine deal as many citizens in Australia expressing anger over the deal.

Australia's nuclear-powered submarine deal is fueling anger in the countryThe US and UK will be sharing technology and expertise with Australia to help it build nuclear-powered submarines as part of a newly-announced defense pact between the three countries. The move has sparked fury in France, which has lost a long-standing agreement to supply Australia with diesel-powered subs.

But it's not only the French who are furious. Anti-nuclear groups in Australia, and many citizens, are expressing anger over the deal, worried it may be a Trojan Horse for a nuclear power industry, which the nation has resisted for decades.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke personally to her Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, to tell him the vessels would not be welcome in the waters of her country, which has been a no-nuclear zone since 1984.

Six countries -- the UK, US, China, Russia, India and France -- already have nuclear-powered subs in their fleet, and many major developed economies, including the US and UK, use nuclear in their energy mix. In France, 70% of the country's electricity is nuclear.

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