IRGC statement on the occasion of Holy Defense Week

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Publish Date: 12:14 - 24 September 2021
Friday, 24 September 2021 (YJC)_ The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps celebrates the forty-first anniversary of the holy defense; He considered the continuation of the victorious and authoritative defense of the Iranian nation as the undeniable truth of contemporary history and the guarantor of the expulsion of the United States from the region and the cancer surgery of the Zionist regime from the geography of Islam.

IRGC statement on the occasion of Holy Defense WeekAccording to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a part of this statement reads:
Forty-one years after the start of the imposition of a war attributed by Western media propaganda to Saddam and the Ba'athist regime in Iraq, it is in fact a full-blown world war to overthrow the Islamic Revolution and restore domination over the fate of the Iranian people. The basis of the aggression plans and the determined goal were to lead the late Sardar Qadisiyeh to the conquest of Tehran in a few days! What is repeated and emphasized in the minds and public opinion of the world is the artistry of the Imams of the Islamic Revolution in turning this threat into a growing opportunity to strengthen the system and lay the foundations of the country's defensive and deterrent authority.

The statement added:
The eight-year imposed war on the Iranian nation violated international principles and law and disrupted regional stability, and its devastating effects on regional security with the support of arrogant and domineering powers, led by the terrorist and belligerent US government. The United States, and the region's reaction to the aggressor, led to the continuation of aggression and other wars in the strategic region of the Persian Gulf and West Asia.

The statement stated:
The imposed war of arrogance and global evils against the Islamic Republic of Iran, although on the southern and western fronts of the country and in apparent confrontation with Saddam's Ba'athist army, has ended without losing a single inch of the country's territory, but over the past 33 years And in various forms and coordinates, it has not stopped for a moment, and a series of sedition events during this period in the fields of soft war and semi-hard war, as well as sanctions and economic war, on the one hand shows the failure of the counter-revolutionary front and regional dissidents. It is trans-regional and on the other hand depicts the fact that Iran and Iranians, with the help of inherent and revolutionary intelligence and insight and experiences of holy defense, have always defended and guaranteed their ideal and civilized movement a few steps ahead of the enemy.

This statement ends with the commemoration of the memory, name, memory and glorious and civilizing ideals of the great Imam Rahel and the martyrs of the eight years of holy defense and the martyrs who defended the shrine, especially Sardar Delha, scholar of the Islamic Resistance Front "General Haj Qasem Soleimani And announcing the comprehensive preparations of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and mobilization of the oppressed in cooperation with other powerful armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to militarily defend the revolution and the system and protect the dignity, honor, security and peace of the Islamic homeland under the wise measures, orders and guidelines The leadership, leadership and command of all forces of Imam Khamenei (as) has emphasized:
The holy defense of the Iranian nation, victorious and more powerful than ever, as one of the truths of contemporary history and this divine gift that has led to the glorious passage of the revolution and the system through the numerous seditions after the eight-year imposed war, with the help of God Almighty His glorious promise will be the development of intelligent and powerful resistance and the fulfillment of the will of the Islamic Ummah in expelling the United States from the region and the Zionist regime's cancer surgery from the geography of Islam.

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