Saudi Arabia asks Iran to mediate in Ansarullah's progress

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Publish Date: 14:21 - 17 October 2021
Sunday, 17 October 2021 (YJC)_In its latest talks with the Iranian side, the Saudi delegation called on Tehran to mediate to stop the advance of the Yemeni army and popular committees.

Saudi Arabia asks Iran to mediate in Ansarullah's progressYemeni army forces and popular committees have made rapid and significant progress in Ma'rib province in the past month, and today (Sunday) the al-'Abdiya area in southern Ma'rib fell completely to the Sanaa government after several days of siege.

Meanwhile, the Al-Khobar Al-Yemeni website quoted Iraqi sources as saying that a Saudi delegation based in Baghdad has asked Tehran officials to mediate to stop the advance of the Yemeni army and popular committees in order to negotiate with the Iranian delegation. The possibility of liberating the city of Ma'rib, as the main base of the resigned Yemeni government, is also growing.

The sources also said that the Iranian delegation has responded that it would inform the Iranian Foreign Ministry and diplomatic officials in Tehran about Riyadh's request.

The issue of Yemen is one of the main issues raised in the meetings between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and it is the main concern of the Saudis, who are trying to save themselves from this predicament in negotiations with Iran. Saudi officials and figures have repeatedly called on Iran to end its support for the Yemeni resistance.

In this regard, last month, King Salman of Saudi Arabia expressed hope that the talks with Iran would "lead to tangible results in building trust" and reviving bilateral cooperation.

The Saudi king, however, went on to accuse Tehran of "supporting armed groups" and claimed that Tehran should stop supporting those groups. King Salman means "armed groups", the Ansarullah group in Yemen.

Last week, Ali Sheihabi, a Saudi adviser, told AFP: "While the atmosphere for dialogue is positive, Tehran must take concrete action, especially on Yemen. After that, Riyadh will agree to measures such as reopening embassies."

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