Ramallah: The Hague tribunal to prosecute Israel for field executions of Palestinian youth

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Publish Date: 10:05 - 05 December 2021
Sunday, 5 December 2021 (YJC)_ The Palestinian Authority's State Department condemned the Israeli attack on the martyrdom of a young Palestinian man in Jerusalem yesterday and called on the Hague tribunal to investigate the crime committed by the Zionist military in the field execution of Palestinian citizens.

Ramallah: The Hague tribunal to prosecute Israel for field executions of Palestinian youthThe Palestinian Authority's State Department has condemned the Israeli army's crime in the field execution of a Palestinian man for stabbing an Israeli settler near Bab al-Amoud in Jerusalem.

According to the Russian news site Al-Youm, the ministry said in a statement:
The crime committed by the occupying forces in the field execution of the young Palestinian Mohammed Salima in broad daylight by shooting him directly and wounding him on the ground until the moment of his martyrdom is a war and inhumane crime that must be punished according to international law.

The State Department of the Palestinian Authority said:
What has happened is another piece of evidence that shows that the orders received by the occupying regime's military and police from the regime's leadership and political officials allow them to kill and execute any Palestinian at their own discretion without making any claim. Without any danger to them. It reflects a racist occupation mentality that targets Palestinians with military exercises and the firing of Zionist soldiers, as well as a sign of the level of deep moral decline that the occupying army has reached.

The statement stressed that the details of this heinous crime are being pursued by all international institutions, especially since the documents are available in visual and audio form.

The State Department has called on the Hague Criminal Court to break its unjustified silence and launch an investigation into the crimes of the occupying regime and its settlers.

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