Iran-Russia relations and interests will be regulated free from third party interference

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Publish Date: 15:39 - 20 January 2022
Thursday, 20 January 2022 (YJC)_ The president said in the Russian Duma: "Relations between the two countries should be regulated in such a way that while protecting mutual interests, it is also safe from the interference of third elements."

Iran-Russia relations and interests will be regulated free from third party interferenceThe President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyed Ebrahim Ra'isi, addressed the Russian Duma this afternoon (January 19) and delivered a speech and stated:
I am very glad that in the plans of this trip, there was an opportunity to attend the State Duma and meet with you, the representatives of the people with the ancient culture and civilization of Russia. In this regard, I would like to thank Mr. Valodin, the Honorable Chairman of the State Duma of Russia, the Deputy Chairman of the Duma, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and other members of the State Duma for organizing this program and providing the opportunity to speak.

He continued:
As I mentioned in a cordial meeting and constructive conversation with Mr. Valodin, when the Russian political delegation attended my inauguration; The Islamic Republic of Iran has the necessary will and readiness to develop and expand relations with the Russian Federation.

The president said:
Fortunately, there are very clear horizons for cooperation between the two countries at the bilateral, regional and international levels. Strengthening Iran-Russia relations in bilateral and multilateral forms will boost the economies of the two nations and strengthen regional and international security.

He added:
The abundant and complementary economic and trade capacities of the two countries, along with the power and influence of each of our two countries in their geographical areas, can strengthen the convergence between the regions.

raeisi emphasized:
The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks "maximum interaction" with all countries of the world, especially neighboring countries and its allies. The purpose and basis of this cooperation and interaction is the mutual interests of nations and the increasing formation of a "civilized global community." This path can be achieved through the cooperation of independent countries with transcendent cultures and the principles of "justice, morality and spirituality".

The President continued:
Undoubtedly, the root of what human society suffers from today is the separation of politics from morality and spirituality. Violence, terrorism, the collapse of the family unit and the spread of drugs do not come from a spiritualist mindset. Any structure created on the basis of this segregation intensifies the suffering of humanity and, instead of promoting justice, structures oppression and creates the causes of domination.

raeisi stated:
Distinguished Representatives The experience of an international system based on domination and domination shows that its output was nothing but war, violence, insecurity and division among nations. The failure of the policy of military occupation and occupation and forcing the United States to flee Iraq and Afghanistan stems from one concept; Resistance of nations. The idea of ​​resistance serves the independence of countries. In modern times, the concept of resistance plays a central role in inhibition equations.

raeisi added:
To this end, we believe that the relations between the two countries should be designed in such a way that, while providing mutual benefits, they are also safe from the interference of third parties.

"Fortunately, there are good relations between the parliaments of the two countries," he said.
The interactions that take place in the form of the High Parliamentary Commission, between various commissions and committees, as well as parliamentary friendship groups, in addition to promoting parliamentary relations, contribute to the development of friendly relations between the two sides, especially in the economic field.

The President emphasized:
We consider the role of parliaments to be very important for the development of relations between the two countries, and we welcome it, both bilaterally and multilaterally.

Referring to Russia's initiative to hold a counter-terrorism summit, raeisi said:
The Islamic Republic of Iran considers and supports Russia's initiative to hold a meeting of the Speakers of the Parliaments of Iran, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan and China in the fight against terrorism.

He added:
It is hoped that by utilizing the capacities and continuing cooperation of the two countries in regional and international issues, we will see the promotion of relations and the benefit of the people of the two countries from the benefits of these relations and the establishment of peace and stability in the region.

The president said:
My meeting with Mr. Putin, which lasted about 3 hours, emphasized the common positions of the two countries on bilateral, multilateral, regional and international issues, and I became more and more aware that in many cases the positions of the two countries are common positions. .

raeisi continued:
My serious impression is that with the will that exists today in the officials of the two countries and with the capacities that exist in Iran and Russia, there will be a ground for the development of many cooperation between the two countries.

He added:
We are determined to develop relations in the political, economic, trade, scientific, cultural fields and in all fields between Iran and Russia, because this amount of relations that have existed so far is by no means enough, and in yesterday's meeting with Mr. Putin The inadmissibility of this level of cooperation was emphasized.

The President concluded:
We can certainly take big steps to develop relations between the two countries, and we are determined that relations between the two countries develop.

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