Biden's popularity plummeted to its lowest level since entering the White House

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Publish Date: 11:28 - 21 January 2022
Friday, 21 January 2022 (YJC)_ The latest poll in the United States shows that the president's popularity has dropped to 43%, the lowest level since he entered the White House.

Biden's popularity plummeted to its lowest level since entering the White HouseThe latest Reuters / Ipsus poll shows that public satisfaction with US President Joe Biden's performance this week has dropped to its lowest level since he entered the White House, as Americans' patience with the Corona epidemic rises.

The nationwide poll, conducted Jan. 19-20, found that 43 percent of American adults approved of Biden as president, while 52 percent disagreed and the rest were unsure. Last week's poll showed 45% approval and 50% opposition to Biden's performance.

Satisfaction with Biden's performance fell to more than 50 percent in the first months of his presidency, declining in mid-August as deaths from the US-led Corona epidemic and the fall of the Washington-backed government in Afghanistan plummeted.

According to Reuters, Biden's continuing slump in popularity has sounded the alarm in his party, and Democrats worry that resentment could come at the cost of losing a majority in Congress in the Nov. 8 election. If Republicans take control of the House or Senate, Biden's legislative plan will fail.

At a rare news conference Wednesday, Biden acknowledged Americans' frustration at the end of his first year in office, but vowed to make progress in tackling the significant challenges posed by the Corona epidemic and inflation.

This weekly poll showed that the most important American concern is the economy and public health. During Donald Trump's presidency, about 37 percent of Americans approved of his presidency, while 59 percent disapproved.

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