Leader of the Revolution: The United States is a crisis regime that has also sacrificed Ukraine

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Publish Date: 14:05 - 01 March 2022
Tuesday, 1 March 2022 (YJC)_ Ayatollah Khamenei called the United States a crisis-ridden and life-threatening regime and said: "Today, Ukraine is also a victim of the same American crisis-making policy."

Leader of the Revolution: The United States is a crisis regime that has also sacrificed UkraineImam Khamenei addressed the people of Iran and Muslims throughout the world in a live televised speech today (March 1, 2022) on the occasion of Eid al-Mab'ath, the day on which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was appointed to prophethood.

The following is an excerpt of the statements His eminence made in His speech: 

Iran supports ending the war in Ukraine. We want the war to be ended there, but the solution to any crisis is only possible if the root cause is identified. The root of the crisis in Ukraine is the US policies that create crisis, and Ukraine is a victim of these policies.

The US dragged Ukraine to where it is now. By interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs, creating color revolutions and toppling one government, and putting another in power, the US dragged Ukraine into this situation.

Ukraine’s situation has two important lessons. Governments that rely on the US and Europe should know their support is a mirage and not real. Today’s Ukraine is yesterday’s Afghanistan. Both countries’ presidents said they relied on US and Western governments but were left alone.

The people are the governments’ most important support. This is the second lesson from Ukraine’s situation. If the people of Ukraine had been involved, the Ukrainian government wouldn’t be in this situation. The people didn’t get involved because they didn’t approve of the government.

The US is a manifestation of modern ignorance, discrimination, oppression and creating crises in the world today. Basically, the US regime creates crises, lives off of crises and feeds on various crises in the world. Ukraine is another victim of this policy.

The US regime is a mafia regime. Political, economic, and all sorts of mafias control their country and bring presidents into power. They create crises in the world to maximize their profits.

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