Sweden: Russian fighter jets violated our airspace

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Publish Date: 9:12 - 03 March 2022
Thursday, 3 March 2022 (YJC)_ The Swedish Armed Forces have claimed that a number of Russian fighter jets have violated its airspace.

Sweden: Russian fighter jets violated our airspaceSweden on Wednesday night, Tehran time, claimed that a number of Russian fighters had violated its airspace.

The Swedish Armed Forces said in a statement that four Russian fighter jets briefly violated Swedish airspace over the Baltic Sea on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

The Swedish Armed Forces announced on its website:
Given the current situation, we take this event very seriously.

The statement said the breach was brief and took place east of the island of Gotland. The type of Russian fighters is 2 Sukhoi-24 and 2 Sukhoi-27.

Sweden's prime minister recently announced that Russia has no threatening military activity around its borders and that Stockholm still has no plans to join NATO.

Russia has repeatedly stated that its flights are in accordance with international and aviation standards and that it has not violated the airspace of any country, and that it is NATO or its allies that have always violated Russian airspace.

At least five reconnaissance flights were carried out by Western reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea at the same time as Russia's military exercises with Belarus began.

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