Hezbollah official: The United States and the sheikhdoms want the Lebanese elections to be a war against the resistance and its weapons

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Publish Date: 11:08 - 07 March 2022
Monday, 7 March 2022 (YJC)_ The head of Hezbollah's political council stressed that no one can hit our resistance, noting that the United States and some Gulf sheikhdoms want to use the elections as a war against the resistance.

Hezbollah official: The United States and the sheikhdoms want the Lebanese elections to be a war against the resistance and its weaponsSpeaking at a memorial service in the Lebanese parliament, Mohammed Raad, head of the Loyalty to Resistance faction in the Lebanese parliament, said:
The whole world wants us to give up our constants and principles. This is not just a matter of abandoning the option of resistance; Rather, it is to shrug off the principles that support the existence, dignity, honor and independence of the Lebanese.

Mohammad Raad added:
We are proud and we continue to emphasize that what has made this country glorious is the victory of the martyrs and the Mujahideen and the fighters of the resistance against the Israeli enemy, which is supported by all the oppressive forces and infidels of the world (Israel).

He clarified:
We see that the attack on the resistance and the environment and its people is increasing; Because the people of the resistance are at a high level of presence, power, credibility, effectiveness, influence and domestic and Arab political decision-making.

The Hezbollah official further referred to the crisis in Russia and Ukraine and said:
When the Russians perceived Ukraine as a threat from the West, they launched an operation to avert a threat to their national security. But now where are those who promised to support Ukraine? Where are they? Where are those who were content with just imposing sanctions? But where is Ukraine now? Western Ukraine estimates it needs $ 500 billion to rebuild, so who benefits?

Thunder said:
These incidents are in favor of the security policies of the parties that use Ukraine to threaten Russia's security, and this is in line with US demands. Some positions and utilitarianism are something that confuses people and they lose the compass and deviate from the standards and get involved in crises and disasters and wars.

He added:
Unfortunately, in our society, there are those who are tempted to deviate from the unity of standards. We have been hearing for years that some parties have been emphasizing a neutral position; But the same parties have issued a statement condemning the Russian operation. So where is this neutrality? Even those who shouted for neutrality remained silent in the face of this statement.

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