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Publish Date: 12:32 - 30 November 2014
Tehran, YJC. Political scholar says the bill is in stark contrast to the Oslo Accords.

Nader Entessar, Dean of the Political Science School of Alabama University, in interview with Mehr news agency said "The draft bill says that Israel is the national homeland of Jewish people only.  If passed by Israeli's Knesset (Parliament), the law it will be the end of the so-called "two-state" solution; the principle on which the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations have been focused for the past two decades.  Also, the draft bill, if passed, will nullify the 1993 Letters of Mutual Recognition and the linchpin of the Oslo agreement committing each side to recognize each other.  More importantly, the draft bill will breach international principles against ethnic cleansing and racism and will codify into law the existing Israeli apartheid regulations against the Palestinian Arabs. 

Fate of  Israeli Arabs after the bill passed by Knesset

For sometime now, an increasing number of influential politicians in Israel have been calling for the expulsion of the Palestinian Arabs from the country.  The proposed bill will make it easier to implement specific policies that aim to achieve this goal.  That is why many people are now referring to the proposed bill as the ethnic cleansing law.

The bill is not mach with democracy

The proposed bill is profoundly anti-democratic and stands against numerous international conventions that deal will all forms of discrimination scholar says.

What will be International community answer about

It is too early to determine what the response of the international community to this proposed bill would be.  Most likely,  the few staunch supporters of Israel will either remain silent or seek to downgrade the bill's apartheid intent.  But, many in the international community will react negatively to this bill.

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