Graham once again called for Putin's assassination

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Publish Date: 11:29 - 17 March 2022
Thursday, 17 March 2022 (YJC)_ The US belligerent senator has once again called for Putin's ouster, calling him a "war criminal" amid escalating anti-Russian rhetoric in Washington.

Graham once again called for Putin's assassinationRepublican Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has called for the removal of Russian President Vladimir Putin as soon as possible.

"I hope it goes away anyway," Graham told reporters in Washington on Wednesday, according to Rasha Today. I do not care how they kill him. I do not care if we send him to The Hague and try him. I just want him to go.

According to the report, the US belligerent senator, as he said on March 3, confirmed that he considered Putin's assassination a viable option to eliminate him. "It's time for him to leave," he said. He is a war criminal. I wish someone had killed Hitler in the 1930s. So yes, Vladimir Putin is not a legitimate leader.

"If the Russian people continue to follow Putin, they will have a zero future," Graham said.
If the United States continues its efforts to help Ukraine while imposing sanctions to stifle Russia's economy, forces inside Russia will rise to end the crisis. "I think the world without Putin is better - the sooner the better, and I do not care how we do it," he said.

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