Trump: If I were president, I would agree with Iran within a week

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Publish Date: 9:45 - 03 April 2022
Sunday, 3 April 2022 (YJC)_ Criticizing the Biden administration's performance, the former US president said that if he had been elected president, he would have agreed with Iran within a week.

Trump: If I were president, I would agree with Iran within a weekFormer United States President Donald Trump once again criticized US President Joe Biden's government for participating in the Vienna talks to lift unilateral sanctions against Iran in front of his supporters in Washington Township, Michigan, yesterday (Saturday).

Criticizing the Biden administration's actions toward Iran, Donald Trump reiterated past claims, saying that if he had been elected President of the United States, he would have reached an agreement with Iran within a week.

According to Newsmax, Trump told his supporters that Biden was not only reviewing a new nuclear deal, but also allowing Russia and China to lead the Vienna talks on lifting sanctions on Iran.

He said in this regard:
So it's Russia that is negotiating an agreement, and China has a supporting role. How stupid this country (America) is. (Biden government) They are very stupid.

Donald Trump then said that if he were president, he would reach a new nuclear deal with Iran, explaining:
They (Iran) agreed within a week after we took over the presidency. They were very ready for an agreement.

Criticizing the government's inability to halt Iran's nuclear program, the former US president said:
We have cards. We already had cards and still do. If they knew how to play, they would still have a card. The only thing they (the Biden government) are good at is setting up elections and rigging elections.

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