Lavrov: The West is trying to disrupt peace talks

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Publish Date: 11:40 - 06 April 2022
Wednesday, 6 April 2022 (YJC)_ Referring to the alleged killing of civilians in the city of Bucha, the Russian foreign minister said that the West was trying to derail the talks after the progress of the Moscow-Kiev peace talks.

Lavrov: The West is trying to disrupt peace talksRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that Moscow believed the West was creating "excitement and tension" over the alleged massacre in the Ukrainian city of Bucha in order to divert peace talks between Moscow and Kiev. Take out.

Lavrov added that the alleged events in the city, which he described as "provocative", took place at a time when progress was being made in the Istanbul peace talks. "We think that the reason is the desire to find an excuse to disrupt the current negotiations," he said. And this is done exactly when, as it is said, a light, though not so bright, began to radiate.

He added: "On March 29, for the first time in the entire period of contact between our delegations (Russian-Ukrainian negotiators), the Ukrainian side presented a written vision of what the treaty might look like in terms of the situation in Ukraine and security guarantees."

According to Lavrov, during the talks with Russia, Kiev has for the first time shown its readiness to declare neutrality, non-alignment with any bloc and non-nuclear status in writing. In addition, he said, the Ukrainians have refused to deploy foreign weapons on their territory or to conduct exercises there with the participation of foreign armies without the consent of all countries guaranteeing the future treaty, including Russia.

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