Biden jokes with his low popularity and high age

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Publish Date: 13:00 - 01 May 2022
Sunday, 1 May 2022 (YJC)_ The unpopular president joked about his low age and popularity at a press conference, telling reporters that you are the only group that is even lower in popularity than I am.

Biden jokes with his low popularity and high ageIn recent months, the declining popularity of US President Joe Biden and subsequent gaffes due to old age have become the subject of American media, and the US President joked and satirized this issue at a dinner party.

After a six-year hiatus, Joe Biden resumed the tradition of talking to White House reporters at a dinner party, laughing at his vulnerable age and low popularity, and jokingly telling reporters that you are just a cortex, RIA Novosti reported. You are less popular than me.

The US president joked to reporters, referring to his 42% popularity:
Special thanks to 42% of you who really admired me. I'm so excited to be here. After all, you (reporters) are the only ones who are even less popular than me.

Biden also joked about his age, openly stating that he expects to remain the main figure in the White House press for a second term.
I have no worries about the midterm congressional elections in November. I am not worried about the escalation of party differences either. I am confident that we will overcome this problem in the remaining six years of our presidency.

Polls show that the US president's popularity is declining, and according to a Harvard Policy Institute poll, amid a dramatic rise in the cost of living and unprecedented gas prices in the United States, Biden's popularity is within 20 years. The percentage has dropped, and only 41 percent of American 18- to 29-year-olds are satisfied with Biden's performance as president.

The Russian news agency Sputnik reported that the bad news for Biden did not end there, and reports show that dissatisfaction with Biden's performance in 40 of the 50 US states, including key states, is growing.

Many opinion polls suggest Biden's poor performance could lead to Democrats losing the upcoming midterm elections, and Democrats are likely to lose control of both the Senate and the US House of Representatives.

On the other hand, the issue of Biden's aging and successive blunders has become a problem in his presidency.

Prior to Biden's presidency, speculation about his dementia was repeatedly raised by Republicans. His numerous blunders since taking office have doubled the concern of American officials and people about the ability of the president to run their own affairs.

Recently, the President of the United States once again extended his hand to shake hands after the end of his speech in Seattle, Washington; The move made him the subject of cyberspace again, just a week after he did the same in a North Carolina speech.

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