New package of sanctions group 7 against Russia

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Publish Date: 7:44 - 09 May 2022
Monday, 9 May 2022 (YJC)_ The G7 leaders announced in a virtual meeting on Sunday a new package of sanctions against Russia's industrial sector, banks and media.

New package of sanctions group 7 against RussiaThe G7 leaders, who met virtually on Sunday, announced a new round of sanctions against Russia targeting the Russian industrial sector, media controlled by the Moscow government, Russian and Belarusian financial executives and major Russian banks, including Gazprom Bank. They gave.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the G7 countries, including Britain, France, the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan and Italy, also called for a gradual ban on Russian oil imports. A move that European countries have so far resisted, but last week, after weeks of controversy, the EU raised the issue.

The plan has not yet been approved and must be approved unanimously at the European Summit in order to be implemented.

The United States, which is not dependent on Russian oil and gas, banned imports of oil and gas and oil and mineral derivatives from Russia in February.

The G7 statement was announced during US President Joe Biden's virtual meeting with leaders of other countries in the presence of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky.

In a statement issued an hour after the meeting, the leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized nations expressed their full support and solidarity with Zelensky and the people of Ukraine and promised to provide more assistance to Ukraine. According to the statement, these countries have provided $ 24 billion in financial assistance to Ukraine in 2022 since the beginning of the war.

The G7 leaders went on to pledge short-term financial packages to help the Ukrainian people in the coming weeks, as well as long-term financial recovery and economic recovery.

Under the new sanctions package, Western countries also bar Western professional service groups, including international management consulting and accounting firms such as Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC, from doing business with anyone in the Russian Federation.

The United States claims that some of these groups have been asked to help Russian companies refine their business strategies to circumvent sanctions or hide their wealth.

Earlier, on Sunday evening, Washington imposed new unilateral sanctions on Russian individuals and entities. Under the new sanctions, eight executives of Sberbank and 27 officials of Russia's Gazprom Bank were subject to US sanctions.

The United States has also suspended licenses to export raw materials, special nuclear materials, by-products and deuterium to Russia. Washington also added the Moscow Industrial Bank and 10 of its subsidiaries to its sanctions list.

In addition, Washington has imposed sanctions on seven shipping companies that own 69 ships. The United States has added a Russian arms and ammunition company to its sanctions list.

Washington has announced new restrictions on Russia's industrial sector, including wood products, industrial engines and propulsion.

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