Pentagon: The Russians are gradually advancing towards Donbass

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Publish Date: 9:51 - 10 May 2022
Tuesday, 10 May 2022 (YJC)_ A Pentagon spokesman said that the advance of Russian troops had been slowed down by the resistance in Ukraine, adding that no country had provided as much military support to Kiev as the United States.

Pentagon: The Russians are gradually advancing towards DonbassUS Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday morning that Russian forces were making gradual progress toward the Donbass region of Ukraine.

Kirby told a daily news conference at the Pentagon:
We have certainly seen signs of the forced transfer of Ukrainians from their country to Russia.

According to American media, he again criticized the Russian special military operation in Donbas, saying:
Ukraine has posed no threat to Russia or others, and there is no justification for war against it.

A Pentagon spokesman commented on the ministry's assessment of the situation on the ground in Russian operations:
We still believe that the Russians are behind schedule and their field progress is very limited.

Kirby continued:
Our assessment is that the Russians are making gradual progress towards Donbass, but this progress is slow and there is strong resistance from Ukraine.

According to the report, he also spoke about US military aid to Kiev:
We do not track all the weapons offered to Ukraine, they belong to this country and they use it as they wish.

The US official also added:
No country in the world has provided as much military and financial support to Ukraine as the United States.

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