Former Lebanese Foreign Minister: The election atmosphere is consistent with the line of resistance

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Publish Date: 14:14 - 15 May 2022
Sunday, 15 May 2022 (YJC)_ The former Lebanese foreign minister said that the Lebanese election atmosphere was positive and in line with the resistance line, adding that the announcement of the results would show the failure of foreign efforts against the resistance.

Former Lebanese Foreign Minister: The election atmosphere is consistent with the line of resistanceFormer Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Hassan Mansour described the electoral atmosphere in Lebanon as positive, saying that all Lebanese are preparing for the elections and that the situation in Lebanon is clearly and largely in line with the resistance line, and that the election results will be counted on the day of the vote. Will be specified.

In an interview with a Fars reporter, he clarified about the current election situation in Lebanon:
The atmosphere is positive and all Lebanese are preparing for this election, especially since this election is a pivotal election, because the new and future parliament must perform very important tasks and face the crises that the Lebanese are currently facing. ; From the difficult economic and living conditions to the flow of the national currency and the financial transfers that took place illegally and led to the Lebanese budget deficit. There are also social, economic, health and educational issues, and the new parliament must address these issues.

Regarding the prediction of the election results, the Lebanese Foreign Minister said in the government of "Najib Mikati" from 2011 to 2014:
In general, the Lebanese desire today is to support the resistance and to support the axis of resistance. This election means that the Lebanese will see what the resistance has to offer by promoting sovereignty, strengthening the people and countering all the efforts of the enemy in its policy against Lebanon. This resistance will protect Lebanon and stabilize it inside Lebanon, so we expect the pro-resistance party to succeed in the elections.

Regarding US interference in Lebanon's internal affairs and whether it would have a negative impact on the resistance, Mansour said:
Certainly, the advancement of the resistance axis in the region or the presence of the resistance line inside Lebanon disrupts American policy, and this causes the Americans to interfere in the internal affairs of Lebanon through groups or institutions present on the Lebanese scene. In this way, they try to direct them and support them in the media, politically and even financially. However, this does not mean that the United States will achieve its goal of keeping Lebanon away from the resistance, or moving the resistance away from Lebanon and away from the Arab environment and the axis of resistance.

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