One hundred thousand US troops remain in Europe under the pretext of "Russian threat"

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Publish Date: 10:59 - 21 May 2022
Saturday, 21 May 2022 (YJC)_ US media reported that there was a possibility that 100,000 US troops would remain in Europe for a "predictable future" to counter the Russian threat.

One hundred thousand US troops remain in Europe under the pretext of Informed US sources told a network close to the Democrats that Washington was likely to keep thousands of troops on the continent for a long time to counter the "Russian threat."

As tensions between the West and Russia over the Ukraine crisis continue, the Cyanan network, citing informed US sources, speculated about the long-term presence of its troops in Europe.

The pro-democracy media in the United States reported:
According to several US officials, the United States is expected to deploy 100,000 troops to Europe for the foreseeable future as Russia (may) escalate tensions and threaten Sweden, Finland or NATO members.

An unnamed U.S. official also said:
If NATO conducts more military maneuvers in the region, it may increase temporarily, and the United States could add more bases in Europe if the security environment changes.

They also said the plans were being considered after a meeting of NATO military leaders in Brussels on Thursday. NATO military commanders are making recommendations at the June meeting of the Western military coalition's defense ministers, and NATO leaders, including US President Joe Biden, will meet in Madrid later this month.

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