Intervention remarks by the Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon

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Publish Date: 10:35 - 24 May 2022
Tuesday, 24 May 2022 (YJC)_ The interventionist remarks of the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon caused him trouble, and provoked strong reactions against him on social media, accompanied by a sharp response from the leader of the Tawhid al-Arabi party.

Intervention remarks by the Saudi Ambassador to LebanonWaleed Bukhari, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Lebanon, hosted Lebanese political and religious figures at his home in Al-Irza on the anniversary of the assassination of Lebanese Mufti Hassan Khalid.

According to Rai Al-Youm, Lebanese Mufti Abdul Latif Daryan and Interior Minister Bassam Rumi were among the guests of the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon. During the meeting, Bukhari made statements that clearly showed Saudi Arabia's involvement in the Lebanese parliamentary elections.

He said:
We cherish the memory of one of the leading figures of religion and thought, the Mufti of Unity, National Participation, Sovereignty, Independence and Loyalty to the Elders, who required us to follow them. The assassination of Mufti Hassan Khalid was a prelude to the assassination of all of Lebanon, which is going through difficult times at all levels, the most important of which is its Arab identity and its relationship to the Arab environment.

The Saudi ambassador to Lebanon continued:
We congratulate Mufti Hassan Khalid on the outcome of the honorable election and the fall of all symbols of betrayal, deadly deception and hatred.

Lebanese social media users described Bukhari's remarks as a clear announcement of the Saudi ambassador's involvement in the recent elections in his country, after media reports and statements by political figures indicated that the Saudis had blown money to win some resistance weapons. Saudi Arabia has reportedly paid large sums of money to some opposition candidates for weapons of resistance, and Saudi Arabia is still trying to get its allies to win a parliamentary majority.

These provocative remarks by the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon were met with a reaction from the leader of the Lebanese "Al-Tawhid Al-Arabi" party, Waam Wahab, who wrote in a series of tweets to the ambassador:
Ambassador Walid Bukhari, the symbols of betrayal, deception and death are your guests. Among them were those who took the lives of more than five thousand victims; Among them were those who killed a nation, plundered its property, and brought it to beggars like you.

He added:
I do not know what made you hostile to the Lebanese who love Saudi Arabia for free and without demanding money?

Wam went on to write:
Mr. Ambassador, if they could have killed as usual, they would have killed us all before we went to the polls. But it is the weapon of resistance that prevents them from playing this game that they know well, you should know that this weapon prevents the return of the killer militias inside the country.

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