France: JCPOA will not remain on the table indefinitely

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Publish Date: 11:32 - 26 May 2022
Thursday, 26 May 2022 (YJC)_ The French Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it was suspending the Vienna talks, saying "we should not think that the JCPOA will remain on the table indefinitely."

France: JCPOA will not remain on the table indefinitelyWhile the United States has disrupted the Vienna talks on lifting unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it was a "serious and dangerous mistake" to think that the Iran nuclear deal was "on the table indefinitely." remains".

According to the Le Figaro newspaper, the French Foreign Ministry, in a statement, called on the JCPOA to take steps to finalize the Iran nuclear deal, saying:
France, like its partners, does not accept that Iran has the capacity to acquire nuclear weapons. We call on the parties to take a responsible approach and take the necessary decisions to finalize this agreement as soon as possible.

France, which, like other European partners in the JCPOA, is working with the United States to bring the ball to Iran, said:
It is a serious and dangerous mistake to think that we can keep this agreement on the table indefinitely, while the progress of Iran's nuclear program is continuing at a steady pace, with the risk of being deprived of non-proliferation benefits.

On the other hand, Rob Malley, the US envoy to Iran, reiterated his unsubstantiated allegations at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, saying "because of Iran's ambitious demands," the chances of the Vienna talks failing are more than successful.

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