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Publish Date: 14:24 - 02 January 2017
Ayatollah Araki, the secretary of World Forum for the Proximity of Islamic School of Thought, on the first anniversary of Sheikh Nimr’ martyrdom: “Ale Khalifa regime has succumbed to Bahraini people’s will”.
Noting that the battle of Wrong and Right would finally lead to the victory of Right, Ayatollah Araki said Ale Khalifa regime has succumbed to Bahraini people’s will .  
"The Right Path devotees must not stop their fight to reach victory. The dominance of the Right followers means the dominance of their path if they are patient”, he emphasized.
Trusting enemy, he said, is followed by abjection and humility. We are engaged in a heavy combat, but a cultural one, with enemy and should not rely on their deceptive promises of support.  He said that trusting God is a prerequirement for victory and a resistant society trusting God will certainly defeat its enemy. "If people in Bahrain, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia exercise patience and resist against the despots, their victory is ensured”, He add.
He also noted that Iran’s nation has realized that the US could not subjugate them. "This is indicative of their resistance, patience, as well as enemy’s frustration", he concluded.

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