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Publish Date: 11:03 - 19 January 2017
Iranian researchers have managed to successfully develop a drug to prevent cardiovascular disease using limum usitatissimum.
Iranian scientists produce drug with limum usitatissimum drug to prevent cardiovascular diseaseThe herb grows for one year as a bush, said Vahideh Kashani, the lead author of the study, adding flax fat is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are playing an important role in keeping cholesterol down.

She said that Iran has produced two products using organic flax fat, including Iraflax capsule. The product, a rich source of Omega 3 and Omega 9 is used to prevent cardiovascular disease, she said.

This is a complementary drug produced as gelsoft, Kashani noted.

She continued that Iranian researchers have also made limum usitatissimum to prevent cancers with hormone causes.

The powder rich in potassium can prove effectively in treating cancers with hormone causes.
Iran has taken wide strides in science and technology, particularly in medical and medicinal fields, in recent years.

The country has already mass-produced Doxorubicin - a non-carcinogenic drug - used in lung and breast cancer cases and made based on nano-liposomes technique.

The drug with higher efficiency needs lower times for use and naturally lessens side effects, including vascular and heart complications.

Iran has also produced two other non-carcinogenic medicines Paclitaxel for breast and ovarian cancer and oxaliplatin for colon cancer.

Iran is among the very few countries which have developed a remedy for the most fearsome disease in the human community, known as AIDS.

In 2007, Iranian scientists found a safe and effective cure for the dreaded virus, AIDS. This medicine made up of herbal and chemical components works to build immunity and enhance the quality of life of both AIDS and HIV-positive patients with no proven side effects.

Five years later, Iran helped Mali control and contain HIV infection across the African nation.

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