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Tehran, YJC. Larijani on Monday praised as promising the recent framework nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers.
News ID: 6710    Publish Date : 2015/04/06

Tehran, YJC. Senior MP says in the Iranian parliament the path to signing the NPT Additional Protocol will not be an easy one.
News ID: 6696    Publish Date : 2015/04/05

Tehran, YJC. Iranian MP says that the Lausanne nuclear statement is no big victory for Iran.
News ID: 6679    Publish Date : 2015/04/04

Tehran, YJC. Member of the Majlis Society Committee has said that the committee is going to put employment top on agenda for this Iranian year.
News ID: 6625    Publish Date : 2015/03/26

Tehran, YJC. Article 90 Commission has said that following a plead by some MPs, Younesi will be summoned to court for recent remarks on Iraq.
News ID: 6599    Publish Date : 2015/03/19

Tehran, YJC. A parliamentary delegation from Tehran arrived in Kuala Lumpur to hold talks with the Malaysian counterparts.
News ID: 6584    Publish Date : 2015/03/14

Tehran, YJC. Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani described his talks with Kuwaiti emir as “positive”, saying that the two sides exchanged views on a whole range of issues, including bilateral ties and regional developments.
News ID: 6566    Publish Date : 2015/03/10

Tehran, YJC. Management and Planning chief says Iran's next fiscal year national budget plan has been written regardless of political changes that may arise out of the nuclear talks.
News ID: 6524    Publish Date : 2015/03/06

Tehran, YJC. Senior right-wing MP says that his party will support Reform-minded candidates in the next Majlis elections.
News ID: 6519    Publish Date : 2015/03/05

Tehran, YJC. The Iranian Majlis (parliament) has allocated 60 billion tomans (each 2760 tomans making $1) to fighting dust storms.
News ID: 6502    Publish Date : 2015/03/02

Tehran, YJC. A number of Iranian lawmakers have prepared a bill asking to investigate the performance of the Environment Department in dealing with dust storms.
News ID: 6488    Publish Date : 2015/03/01

Tehran, YJC. MPs on Monday voted in favor of the general terms of the national budget bill proposed by the government for the next fiscal year.
News ID: 6339    Publish Date : 2015/02/16

TEHRAN, YJC. MPs from Khuzestan attended today's Majlis session wearing masks as a show of sympathy to their people who are suffering heavy dust storm.
News ID: 6322    Publish Date : 2015/02/15

Tehran, YJC. Majlis decided to speed up discussions on a motion that, if approved, would have the government to guard the country’s nuclear rights.
News ID: 6223    Publish Date : 2015/02/04

Tehran, YJC. Majlis members praised recent achievements gained by the country’s defense industries, in particular the launch of domestically-made Fajr (Dawn) satellite into orbit this week.
News ID: 6210    Publish Date : 2015/02/03

Tehran, YJC. The Iranian FM has expressed optimism that Riyadh would prepare the ground for bilateral cooperation.
News ID: 6109    Publish Date : 2015/01/25

TEHRAN, YJC. The Majlis (parliament) has devised retaliatory plans if the US imposes more sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.
News ID: 6096    Publish Date : 2015/01/24

Tehran, YJC. An Iranian Majils representative says the board that watches the MPs has received a formal complaint against MP Ali Motahari for his remarks against long-term house arrest of 2009 opposition leaders.
News ID: 6052    Publish Date : 2015/01/17

Tehran, YJC. Borujerdi said on Wednesday that the ongoing 'Mohammad Rasoulallah' military exercises in southern Iran have proven that no extra-regional forces are needed to secure the region.
News ID: 5903    Publish Date : 2014/12/31

Tehran, YJC. President Hassan Rouhani has submitted a bill to the Majlis that would lay the ground for a previously inked agreement between Iran and Pakistan for repatriating criminals.
News ID: 5801    Publish Date : 2014/12/21